We’d like to introduce you to Tofrazzle and Sting, and you can find out more about all of the new subscription options here! Tofrazzle comes with every 3 month subscription. Tofrazzle was struck by lightning 11 times while she was growing up. She'll give you an electric shock if you stroke her, and she'll give you an electric shock if you don't stroke her. It's up to you to choose. This soul eater detests rats, and will jump at the chance to eat them if they're available. Tofrazzle will give you +10 damage.   For a 1 year subscription, you can choose Sting. Sting the Prespic loves artichoke hearts smothered in Bherb Blood, endives with Pikoko Hair, and the songs of Jon Lemon. He seems to enjoy your company as well. This soul eater is quite fussy about the creatures he eats, however, and only likes the taste of creatures from the Dark Jungle. He’ll give you + 80 prospecting.