The DOFUS 2.0 adventure begins tomorrow! The much-awaited update is about to be revealed, and it’s up to you to seize the new World of 12! That’s why we’ve made an appointment for you on the new server arranged for the English-speaking community: Zatoïshwan! For the very first time, we are opening new DOFUS 2.0 servers! However, new-server tradition must be respected! Experience and item drop rates will be doubled for the new server’s first two weeks. Meet back here on Wednesday, December 2nd at 10:00 am (DOFUS time) to introduce yourself to Zatoïshwan, create new characters, meet up with your friends, and be the first to install DOFUS 2.0!

Let’s use the opening of the server to review the history of the NPC it was named after: An incorrigible gambler, a rare thing for the Pandawa race, and also blind, Zatoïshwan possessed such a reputation that even the biggest disciples of Ecaflip feared him. Struck by lightning one day, he was given a revelation by the Goddess Pandawa: he could control the ancestral art of Pandawushu. For a while, he was a righter of wrongs, but he eventually reverted and became the most-wanted robber we know today. For NL community only : meet your community on Aermyne server!