From November 17 to 30, the servers shook with the explosions of Sauroshells during the "Grozilla and Grasmera: Invasion of the Sauroshells” event, while from November 27 to 30 it was the DOFUS 2.0 test server that hosted the first ever "Dungeon Races” event. Both events were completed at the same time, and the results also come together! Grozilla and Grasmera: Invasion of the Sauroshells At the end of a spate of unending battles, you succeeded! Huge explosive shells have stopped popping up while Grozilla and Grasmera - two mighty dragons who were thoroughly beaten down by the most intense warriors Amakna had to offer - threw themselves into the sea and vanished beneath the surface. Good riddance! Many congratulations to the players on Shika, who were the first to spawn Grozilla and Grasmera, and then defeat them! Check out the complete list of 22 servers who defeated Grozilla and Grasmera at least once! Click here. Shika wins a weekend where experience and loot will be multiplied by 2.
Rushu and Rykke-Errel win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 2.
Djaul and Jiva win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 1.5.
All 22 servers win a weekend of free, unlimited access to the Dreggon Dungeon. The date of the weekend will be determined by the results of the following poll: click here. All players who recovered an Eggshell or an Enormous Fang (and there are plenty of you!) will be able to exchange these items for their individual reward from an NPC that will appear at the site of the fountain in the destroyed village on the Dreggon Peninsula (coordinates [-4, 25]) after the 1.29.1 patch on DOFUS 1.29 servers. Dungeon Races on the DOFUS 2.0 test servers: All players listed below will receive a gift on the day DOFUS 1.29.1 goes live. They will be able to give this prize to a character on a DOFUS 1.29 server or on a DOFUS 2.0 server, according to their preference!
Players who made the shortlist for several dungeons will receive multiple copies of the reward! The reward is a follows:

  • A Sting Pet!
  • A selection of very rare hats so you can look beautiful in DOFUS 2.0 (Pepitoo’s Sombrero, Goultard's Headgear, Galgarion's Helmet).
  • A candy giving +100 Wisdom.
  • A candy giving +100 Prospecting.
Bravo, everyone! See the list of winners on the forums: click here!