Here we go! You can start burning through the dungeon of your choice (out of the 18 chosen for this event) on the DOFUS 2.0 beta test server! Give it your best and perhaps you can be one of the 136 competition champions and win a cuddly Sting pet, three very rare hats, and candies that give a serious bonus! Learn more about the competition...

All subscribed accounts can connect to the DOFUS 2.0 Test Server and enter the contest.

Seventeen dungeons have been selected. For each of these dungeons, the 8 characters who complete the dungeon the most times will win.

Winning, however, won't be quite so simple! You must choose which dungeon to attempt to increase your chances.

Two main possibilities, among others:

  • Choose a simple dungeon, relying on pure power and speed to get through as many times as possible.
  • Choose a more complicated dungeon (requiring a more organized group), hoping that fewer players (or less-organized teams) also choose the same dungeon.

List of dungeons you can attempt:

  • Blop Dungeon (including the Royal Rainbow Blop)
  • Canidae Dungeon
  • Mush Dungeon
  • Sand Dungeon
  • Koolich Cavern
  • Otomai's Ark
  • Pandikaze Dungeon
  • Bherb's Gully
  • Dreggon Dungeon
  • Grotto Hesque
  • Tynril Lab
  • Bworker Dungeon
  • Tofu Dungeon
  • Royal Tofu House
  • Lord Crow’s Library
  • Crackler Dungeon
  • Kitsou Dungeon

Important Note: Killing the bosses of these dungeons in an arena is also counted in your final score. So make sure to capture them!

There will be 136 winners overall, each of whom will be awarded:

  • The Sting pet!
  • An assortment of exclusive hats for you to show off in DOFUS 2.0 (Pepitoo's Sombrero, Goultard's Headgear, Galgarion's Helmet).
  • A candy giving +100 Wisdom.
  • A candy giving +100 Prospecting.