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Dear all, Our game server will be under maintenance on Thursday January 15th, 2009 to set up the Wakfu update 0.107 and will, therefore, be unavailable during that time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • The cemetery of Astrub has been added
  • New monster families have been added, like Rats, Vampyres and Chafers
  • The city now has lightning at night
  • Prisoners have been added to prison fields

Bugs fixed

  • Cra beacons animation and view of the damage taken by beacons
  • The bug affecting the position of the markers on the mini map has been corrected
  • Personal sound settings are now saved properly between sessions
  • The problem regarding certain spells which require movement (for instance Sacrier’s Fist, Brute Charge…) has been corrected
  • Movement in the larva dungeon after destroying pillars has been corrected.
  • The condition "stunned" has been corrected
  • Movement range (green cells) is no longer displayed on invisible fighters
  • All spells which used the effect s "increases prospecting" and "increases Kamas" have been corrected
  • Chat has been improved at the end of the fight (order of information)
  • Amounts display in Swap Meets has been corrected
  • Weapon bonuses (especially sticky weapons) now work properly
  • Oats disappear properly when harvested
  • Bubble outlines have a new design
  • Certain equipment bonuses, like leadership bonuses, are now applied properly


  • "Fog" has been added to the map (updated according to the areas discovered by the player)
  • Map information filters and the possibility of adding personal notes have been added


  • A color code has been added according to the level of rarity of an item
  • Contact directory is now clearer and more complete
  • New Friends features: view class and gender (illustration), add to group, add a comment, open a private chat, read biography
  • Addition of the biography option: players can write their own biography on their character profile sheet (max 300 characters)
  • Addition of the buttons "Open a private chat" and "Read biography" when right-clicking on other characters


  • Music and environmental sounds of the Cemetery of Astrub
  • Chafer spell sounds
  • Rat spell sounds
  • Addition of interface sounds

This page is dedicated to the changes made on the game servers (Open Beta). Please note that these features are still subject to change and may not be implemented as stated during the next game updates.