Dear all, Our game server will be under maintenance on Friday December 12th, 2008 to set up the Wakfu update 0.105 and will, therefore, be unavailable during that time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Larva dungeon added!

Wakfu Larve


Bugs fixed

  • Swap meet no longer disappears after character connection
  • Osamodas pets no longer disappear during combat
  • Problems with improving character stats fixed
  • Reduction in lags and blank screens when creatures are moved
  • Modifications to topography to facilitate movement
  • Problems with the sphere of combat have been fixed


  • New spell and object toolbars have been introduced (4 of each)
  • Shortcut keys “A”, “Z”, “E” and “R” open the spell and object toolbars (the shortcuts open the spell toolbar in-fight and the object toolbar otherwise)
  • You can now open all spell and object toolbars using one key
  • The toolbars can now be locked
  • You can now create shortcuts for bags and open them using the keyboard
  • When you right-click on an object a menu will appear
  • You can now insert shields in the blue sections on your object toolbar
  • The display of the spell book has been improved
  • The spell table has been improved
  • The position of dungeons is now displayed on maps
  • You can now use the keyboard to replace the map of the world for a map of Astrub
  • The display of the timeline has been improved
  • Text elements now display better, which should solve numerous issues for Mac users and players who have difficulty reading texts in-game


  • Certain items have been revaluated and added to the loot of the boss of the Larva dungeon
  • Larva sets (blue, orange and green) have been added to the Larva dungeon


  • Menu music has been integrated
  • Araknee spell sounds
  • Sounds for the aftermath of Stray Bow Wows spells
  • Sounds for the aftermath of Piwi spells
  • Sounds for the aftermath of Plantzilla spells
  • Local sounds have been removed while the sound engine is being repaired


  • Linux client has been corrected and improved
  • Servers have been stabilized
  • Problems when saving characters have been resolved

This page is dedicated to the changes made on the game servers (Open Beta). Please note that these features are still subject to change and may not be implemented as stated during the next game updates.