Dear all,
Our game server will be under maintenance on Thursday November 20th, 2008 to set up the Wakfu update 0.103 and will, therefore, be unavailable during that time.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • The Tofu evolution has been implemented (reproduction, evolution, behavior…)
  • Modifications and improvements have been made to the fort under construction

Bugs fixed

  • Interface improvements
  • The area bug which disconnected and prevented players from reconnecting has been fixed.
  • Improvement of features which did not work properly have been fixed (i.e. the greaves of the troop chief, the spell “Lucky Kama”)
  • Bugs on Gobblies have been fixed
  • Corrections have been made on the Gobball evolution


  • The life span of most items have been increased


  • Several modifications and corrections have been made to the Sadidas’ dolls
  • The Srams’ traps have been revised
  • The Pandawa spells “Wo Transfer” and “Wo Explosion” have been fixed

Technical bugs

  • Corrections have been made to reduce patch unzipping errors 10404 and 40405

This page is dedicated to the changes made on the game servers (Open Beta). Please note that these features are still subject to change and may not be implemented as stated during the next game updates.