Dear all, Our game server will be under maintenance on Thursday November 6th, 2008 to set up the Wakfu update 0.101 and will, therefore, be unavailable during that time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Opening of the first profession houses on all three markets in Astrub: Jewelry, Tailarmory, Forging, Alchemy, Fishery, Herbery, Apothecary, Agriculture, Forestry and Repairing.
  • New items are made available: 29 weapons and 4 shields
  • Monsters on the markets of Astrub have been removed
  • All the different population of monsters have been regulated
  • Chests have been added throughout the city
  • Fixing machines have been added next to certain phoenix, outside the cities


  • The challenge update notifications have been removed

Bugs fixed

  • Display of Health Points has been corrected
  • The line of sight has been corrected
  • Problems connected to the backpack and Swap Meet mode have been fixed
  • The bug which blocked characters when carried by Pandawas has been corrected
  • The bug which blocked characters after they selected a spell and clicked on it has been corrected
  • Buildings and maps have been corrected (characters should no longer be blocked in the Feca Temple for instance)


  • Al Howin’s Hat gives 5 HP back

Technical bugs

  • A new, more powerful UpLauncher will now redirect you if you encounter technical problems during downloads…
  • If your computer crashes while installing a patch, the patch will restart its installation right where it stopped

 This page is dedicated to the changes made on the game servers (Open Beta). Please note that these features are still subject to change and may not be implemented as stated during the next game updates