Whether you are addicted to DOFUS or a fan of the Manga,

Whether you burn with desire to resemble Vinz from Mutafukaz or have bought bow meows by the hundreds to make yourself a fluffy carpet,

Whether you tend to mistake your kitchen floor for a chess board and go around square by square, or pretext a lack of MP not to go to the grocery store,

Whether you’ve subscribed for 349 years to win everything in the lottery or received only one tofu token,

Whether you think Ancestral Z is a visionary or a fool,

Whether you’ve read this because you spend your time refreshing the webpage every 3 seconds or whether you’ve come here by chance,

It really doesn’t matter! Whoever you are, wherever you are, we offer you our best wishes and hope you have a very merry holiday season! With lots a pie and pudding, tons of gifts and cuddles!

From all of us here at Ankama:
Merry Christmas!

(Thanks to Ancestral Z and Ben Piwate for the illustrations!)