Stay aware and watch your behind! Our new comer on is neither nice nor friendly! If you leave your pouches unattended, be sure that he'll steal them before you even realize it! You guessed it right. It's him. He's back. As great, and as strong as ever, the terrible Sram turns up on, at the latest stage of his diabolical evolution!  

For the most valiant and evil of you, Sram didn't turn up empty-handed! He's got a fantaskeletic wallpaper to offer you!

Not only this, but you'll also find a wallpaper in the image of Ogrest. Be prepared!
And while clicking through, you'll discover five new concept-arts and new aspects of Wakfu as well!

Enjoy and let's meet up again in 2 weeks for more novelties. Next time, a long-awaited pin-up will welcome you…