You’ve been waiting for it, polishing your PC while thinking about how great this would be? Well, time has come for you to discover what we've been cooking up! Take your grooviest mouse out and be ready to click! The Ankama Games Team is proud to present you the Wakfu Website! is all about screenshots, artwork, and videos directly taken from the devs’ sources! Stay connected and check out the new concept arts of creatures or classes that we'll regularly put online! is THE reference for you to keep in touch with the work evolution of the Ankama Games team!

Since good things come in twos, the very first trailer of Wakfu can be downloaded! Somewhere in between cartoon animation and game demo, this is the best way for you to savour these first bites of Wakfu!

You’ll also have a Forum at your disposal on which you'll be able to talk about the game all together, share your first impressions and especially keep in touch with us!

Finally, you’ll soon be able to register to participate in the Wakfu beta-test and be among the first ones to walk upon the new areas of the World of Twelve!

Wakfu Powa!