In response to the throngs of players during the early access, our servers are currently having some stability issues. So that all our players can enjoy their experience, the team has made several decisions. Full details are below!

This article convers the various topics of the day regarding the launch of the single-account servers:

Exceptional Maintenance Today

In order to make fixes bringing considerable improvements to the game experience (notably to solve subsisting IP issues, improve the queue, and take action on the issue with players' turns passing automatically), an exceptional maintenance has been scheduled this afternoon on the single-account servers.

We will announce the exact time on our social media as soon as a specific time has been set.

Free-to-Play Opening at the End of the Day

Given the exceptional maintenance this afternoon, we have decided to push back the free-to-play opening of the single-account servers.

Initially scheduled for 2:00 p.m. (Paris time), it has therefore been pushed back to later today. We will give you an update as soon as a specific time has been set.

The Servers

Additionally, we are going to open more servers – at least one international server (Ogrest INT 2) and one French-language server (Ogrest FR 4). We might also open more tonight if needed.

Moreover, we have made the decision to maintain an access restriction on the existing servers (Ogrest INT 1, Ogrest FR 1, Ogrest FR 2, and Ogrest FR 3). Only people with an early access key will be able to access these four servers for the time being.

Reminder: We plan to merge the single-account servers as soon as we feel it is necessary.

All these measures are crucial to avoid a massive influx of players on servers already under pressure. We may lift this restriction once the situation is more stable.

Yesterday, we also announced that we would allow players who have already collected their single-account packs and pre-registration rewards to collect these gifts again on the Ogrest FR 3 server. More specifically, the cosmetic items in the single-account packs (costumes, pet and mount skins, emotes and titles) as well as the pre-registration rewards will be entirely recredited on this server. Our teams are currently working on this injection, and we're taking advantage of it to add two the two regeneration potions that pre-registered players hadn't received.


We will also give you more information soon about the compensation for the issues encountered during the early access phase. The team's current focus is to make sure everyone can enjoy their WAKFU adventure in the best possible conditions.

Thank you very much for your exceptional enthusiasm. This is a huge moment for our project. Thank you, everyone!