As time goes by, WAKFU is always looking for ways to improve. With each passing day, it does its best to become a better MMO – a "better version of itself", as they say. And to think, it's all especially for you… The next update, slated for release on Tuesday, October 3, proves this yet again!

Have you noticed? Over the years, WAKFU's content has only gotten richer. Here's what the next update has in store:

  • the new tutorial, Incarnam, and the celestial island called Rii
  • the new guide system
  • a graphically revamped Astrub
  • rebalanced Ecaflips, Eniripsas, and Rogues
  • a new look for the Eniripsa class
  • new animations for the Iop class
  • a revamp of masteries with the removal of Single-Target and Area masteries
  • and many more surprises to discover!

Log into the game on Tuesday, October 3, to check it all out!