Picture it: You've got one week to beat as many dungeons as you can and get the highest score with a 3-character team. Do you accept the challenge? Good thing – we just described Dungeon Infinite.

Dungeon Infinite is an international PvM (Player versus Monster) event in the WAKFU MMORPG organized by Kaïdo.

Xelor is feuding with Osamodas, and he needs your help!
He wants you to weaken Osamodas in record time by battling his creatures!

The perfect excuse to rush like never before!
Complete as many dungeons as you can and earn tons of points!


Dates and Registration

The event will take place on the Pandora and Rubilax servers from Friday, September 1, 2023, at 9 p.m. (Paris time) through Friday, September 8, 2023, at 9 p.m. (Paris time).

Registration is open until Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 11 p.m. (Paris time).

Visit the Discord for the event, go to the channel "Registration", and fill out the form. Each group of players registering for the event must select a group leader, who must provide the following information for each character on the team:

  • team name
  • Ankama account nickname (nickname#1234)
  • full Discord username
  • character class

A Few Rules

For one week, participating teams will have to finish as many dungeons and collect as many points as they can. Each dungeon completed will earn the team a certain number of points (see SCORING CRITERIA in the RULES).

  • The event will be held simultaneously on the Pandora and Rubilax servers. Therefore, there will be two distinct leaderboards: one on Pandora and one on Rubilax.
  • The dungeons must be completed as a team of 3 characters at level 50 or higher (no account sharing, duplicate classes, or nickname/class changes mid-competition allowed; see RULES).
  • Dungeons must be completed at a minimum of Stasis 2, except for the dungeons in level group 9 to 65, which must be completed at Stasis level 3 or higher.
  • Any existing consumables in the game may be used.
  • Pacts are prohibited.
  • To verify a completed dungeon and earn the points, you must provide an unedited in-game screenshot containing the following:
    • The end-of-fight screen (where the drop is shown) must appear in its entirety, or the dungeon cannot be verified. The organizers reserve the right to reject a dungeon if this screen does not appear.
    • The in-game chat is displayed on-screen, with the /time and /whois "nickname" commands. The /whois "nickname" command must be run for all participating accounts.
    • The dungeon leaderboard (press D on your keyboard).

Once all three of these are displayed, take your screenshot (Print Screen key or Win+Shift+S shortcut) and post it in your assigned channel on the event Discord server.

Example of a valid screenshot


First Place

  • 8,000 Ogrines
  • Wodent Costume
  • Fan Costume
  • Diss Khord Pet Skin
  • 10,000 Kaïmas on the Kaïdo Twitch channel

Second Place

  • 6,000 Ogrines
  • Fan Costume
  • Diss Khord Pet Skin
  • 8,000 Kaïmas on the Kaïdo Twitch channel

Third Place

  • 4,000 Ogrines
  • Diss Khord Pet Skin
  • 5,000 Kaïmas on the Kaïdo Twitch channel

Prizes will be distributed after Update 1.81.
Wodent Costume
Fan Costume
Diss Khord Pet Skin

A new title will also be awarded to all Dungeon Infinite competitors who have earned 25 points or more!

Watch the Event

Kaïdo Twitch channel


Call on your siblings in arms and put your strategy into practice!
There's a challenge with your name on it…
Registration ends August 29!