Are you the type to be swept away in a flood of emotions at the slightest reproof? Keep yourself dry with a critique-proof class umbrella!

The weather in the World of Twelve can be a bit fickle. It's best to be ready for a sudden downpour even when all you see are blue skies. Ditch the oilcloth cowl or granny's checkered umbrella! We've got just what you need to dance between the raindrops in style!

The Sram, Ouginak, Huppermage, Xelor, Feca, and Ecaflip classes are the first to be covered in this series of class umbrellas!

Don't let your style flounder. Get yours today!

Umbrellas up!

These emotes will be available at a special price until 4 PM (Paris time) on Thursday, 17 August. After that, they will be sold at their regular prices.