As you surely remember, we came to you earlier this year with a happy announcement: the online Ankama Shop now features a series of adorable pins and pocket-sized stuffed toys that are softer than the pads on a Bow Meow's paws. Well, brace yourself: it seems that a new litter of Creatures has just been born…

Unbelievably soft and plush. A 3-inch (8-cm) ball of pure love. In just a few cuddles or even a simple squeeze in the palm of your hand, they'll heal whatever ails you – from little heartaches all the way to big worries. Rogues, Osamodas and Eniripsas have joined the collection of Creatures stuffed toys, small enough to bring with you everywhere!

You may also find yourself getting attached to the 3 pins that go with them…

Pack 5: Creatures stuffed toys – Rogue, Eniripsa, Osamodas

Tough personalities in a soft and cuddly form…

Pack 5 – Creatures pins – Rogue, Eniripsa, Osamodas

You and these pins are about to get seriously stuck on each other…

Skins: Creatures Pack 5 – Rogue, Eniripsa, Osamodas

Add a touch of cuddly cuteness to your in-game pets…

Yes, you heard right: The Creatures are showing up in-game too!

Check out our new pet skins, sold together in a three-pack:

  • Rogue Creature Skin
  • Eniripsa Creature Skin
  • Osamodas Creature Skin

You've got two weeks to take advantage of our launch offer on Creature Pack 5, now available in-game. Don't miss out! (After this period, the skins will only be for sale individually.


These skins are all linked to the account.