From July 13 through 16, Ankama was in Paris for Japan Expo, France's biggest Japanese pop culture event of the year! During the event, the WAKFU team stepped right into your homes through our Ankama Live Twitch channel. Were there any announcements or spoilers? We'll summarize the livestream for you in this dedicated post!

[Siu] and [Zozio] were on hand to reveal the next major update, version 1.81! If you're curious, you can watch a rebroadcast of this Ankama Live event (in French only) by clicking here. Otherwise, you may want to sit down and get comfortable – what you're about to read may surprise you!

Wait a second! What about the single-account server?

We know that it's the event of the year, and that many of you are eagerly looking forward to it. While we still don't have any specific information to share with you, we do have an (approximate) date you can mark on your calendar: we'll be back in touch at the start of October to reveal everything you need to know about the future single-account server!

New tutorial

As we partially revealed in an earlier Ankama Live, we're working on improving the onboarding process in WAKFU – with a particular focus on the tutorial.

While it was initially planned for update 1.80, the WAKFU team wanted to give the various ideas around this revamp a little more time to incubate. We were extremely excited and proud to reveal these previously unseen images to you, accompanied by a brand-new musical theme:

In this video, we present the first places that new players will encounter when they start up the game: Incarnam and the Celestial Island.

After visiting Incarnam to learn about the key mechanics needed to move around and interact with the world, players then land on the Celestial Island. This brand-new zone replaces Incarnam in its current form. When you step through the zaap, you'll arrive in Astrub as before.

The Celestial Island

Incoming novices will be guided through their training by a strong cast of characters: Grougaloragran, Otomai and Airyna. We're counting on them to guide our tender little scaraleaves until they're ready to take their first steps on their own.

The guide interface

We've already shared a few sketches with you, and the guide interface is continuing to take shape. As a reminder, guides will be replacing the tutorials that had previously appeared discreetly at the top left of your screen.

Work in Progress

So we decided to go with a list of categorized guides providing detailed information on different aspects of the game, which players can refer back to at any time. The visual shown above is not representative of the final version of the interface.

Improved navigation on Astrub

We've decided to give certain areas in Astrub a graphical makeover to make them visually clearer and make navigation easier for adventurers in certain places, including the city walls and the mountains.


Class Revamps

In the next update, three classes will be placed in the expert hands of our game designers. This time, it's the Ecaflip, Eniripsa and Rogue classes that will be getting a makeover.


  • Tarot cards are now in a draw pile:
    • These are castable spells that are added to the third spell bar once drawn
  • Each tarot card modifies the way you play
  • Random damage has been removed


  • The Unnatural Remedies mechanic is getting an update:
    • The spell now appears in the third spell bar
    • Inverts damage inflicted and heals performed
    • Spells are no longer modified as a result
  • Simpler, more effective spells with an ability to change roles in the middle of a fight


  • In a major shift, the class now has two modes:
    • Slippery mode: all spells are ranged and inflict more damage
    • Sneaky mode: all spells are melee, but cost less
    • Mode can be changed dynamically
  • The bomb system is now much more organic

Alternative animations for the Iop class

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer ever more advanced forms of customization, we're giving disciples of Iop the option to fight with a sword! At the class temple, you'll now have a choice between fighting barehanded or showing off your swordfighting skills with our new alternative combat animations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any news about the future of single-target and area masteries?

It's confirmed: single-target and area masteries will be removed in the next update, and will not be replaced by new masteries, but by existing ones! This is a highly complex change that we'll be explaining in detail in a dedicated devblog post coming soon.

What do you think of automatic level adjustment?

We know that automatic level adjustment has been a subject of much debate in the community, especially with the pending arrival of the new single-account server. We're committed to this feature, but our data show that the power granted by an adjustment emblem is too high, sometimes allowing players to access dungeons with Stasis 5. This is why we've decided to drastically reduce the stats provided by these emblems in the next update.

We'd also like to introduce a totally new automatic adjustment system based on a "Master" equipment page that would grant a percentage of stats based on the adjustment level with certain penalties. This would make it possible to preserve the effects of sublimations on a piece of equipment in other level brackets. However, this type of change is not something we'll be implementing in the near term.

Are you continuing to make quality-of-life improvements?

Yes, and we're very pleased to announce that the "Follow" option should no longer be cutting off for no reason as of the next update!

What's next?

We'll see you again for the opening of Beta 1.81, which will give you the chance to test all of these new changes and lots of other surprises! We don't have a specific date to announce yet, but we can tell you that the deployment will have to wait at least until the end of the WAKFU Warriors tournament on August 22.