WAKFU Warriors: Summer 2023 is now underway! The opening matches of the biggest inter-community, inter-server tournament in the WAKFU-verse are happening today. Planning to watch the event? Or even take part?

The summer 2023 edition of the international and community tournament organized by Augaroma and Jimbow is finally getting started!

To watch the matches, head to

For more information, visit

To learn about how the tournament works, the schedule, and the rewards that await the winners, read our article on the subject!

Learn More and Stay Connected

Waktool is an unofficial community site (that we really like) used to run tournaments held in the WAKFU game. For WAKFU Warriors, it's a way to keep up with the draft phases and check the schedule of matches, in the company of fans like you.

Feel free to join the event Discord server to get notifications for all of the tournament's most important announcements!

You can also stay informed on Twitter and by reading the rules (translated into four languages)!

Give it a go yourself!

Read the rules

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