From July 13 through 16, Ankama will be waiting for you at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center for the not-to-be-missed Japanese pop culture event of the year: Japan Expo! For you, it's a kamafull occasion to come meet us. For us, it's an opportunity to treat you to a new Twitch Drops campaign!

The Goul'Pass Shushus shall not pass!

The excitement is rising! Japan Expo is only a few days away! This year, get ready to battle it out on every front in the Furious Quest! This quest is a new adventure in the history of the Krosmoz that will break down the barriers between games. How so? It gives you an opportunity to play as the charismatic and illustrious Goultard everywhere – in DOFUS, DOFUS Retro, WAKFU and even WAVEN!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to halt the tide of Shushus spreading across the World of Twelve! Your daring will go down in the History of the Krosmoz thanks to the GOUL'PASS!

Are you ready for the adventure? Get more information here:

They'll all be there!

Just like every year, all of Ankama's universes will be waiting for you at Japan Expo!

Face off against Rushu, the demon bloodletter in WAKFU!

Win a furious set in DOFUS and DOFUS Retro!

Brandish an all-new trophy in WAVEN!


Meet adorable creatures and leaf through three new artbooks in a sneak peek by visiting the joyful crew from the shop and Ankama Editions!

Ankama Shop & Ankama Editions

And top it all off by testing your costume skills in the Ank'Osplay contest that will provide a virtual stage open to all this year!



New Twitch Drops Campaign

Twitch Drops – the rewards that you receive every time you watch one of Ankama's official Twitch channels or one of our partner channels – are coming to Japan Expo! This new campaign will be exclusive to the Ankama Live channel. Watching a DOFUS, DOFUS Retro, or WAKFU livestream for 30 minutes every day can earn you a free mystery box for one of the three games.

DOFUS Retro Mystery Box

  • BzzZet (30%)
  • Alowa Set (30%)
  • Godfather Set (30%)
  • Goultard Set: Goultard's Headgear, Goultard's Cape, Goultard's Shield (convention item) (10%)



DOFUS Mystery Box

  • Stroud Set (30%)
  • Jon Lemon Set (30%)
  • Monarch Set (30%)
  • Goultard Set: Goultard's Headgear, Goultard's Cape, Goultard's Shield (convention item) (10%)



WAKFU Mystery Box

  • Experience Potion (20%)
  • Loot Potion (20%)
  • Harvest Potion (20%)
  • Ethereal Light Haven-Mood (15%)
  • Mist Haven-Mood (15%)
  • Goultard Costume (10%)


And Just When You Think They're Gone… They're Back!

From July 17 to July 23, the very same Twitch Drops campaign will continue in a different format, but this time for DOFUS and DOFUS Retro only. The contents of the mystery box will stay the same, but the obtention rate percentage for the Goultard Set will become 1%.

If you didn't get it the first time around, you'll have another chance to go for it!

Get more information on the campaign here.

Do you want more information on managing your Twitch Drops? Read this article.