Besides the Furious Quest game event featuring Goultard, Ankama has plenty of other events and surprises in store for you at Japan Expo… Just like every year! Japan Expo also means getting your favorite books signed and heading home with bags full of plushies, figurines, books and all sorts of other goodies!

Join us at Paris Nord Villepinte from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16 for an unforgettable Japan Expo! Round up as many friends and family as you can find and head to the convention to check out our stands!

Today, we'll be talking about Ankama Shop and Ankama Éditions…

At the Ankama Shop stand: F229

You're getting to know them pretty well by now: the whole Ankama Shop and merchandise team takes Japan Expo very seriously… This event is tons of fun, but it's no laughing matter!

They've been getting ready for the event for months, cogitating and brainstorming on what they might cook up for you in their shop…

The result? Your favorite merch items from the worlds of Ankama now await you at their stand!

Let's have a look together, shall we?

Everything you love…

On site, beyond the enormous pleasure of meeting members of our staff, you'll find all the plush pals you've been yearning to take home with you: XL Dragoone, Kamiwolf, the Rubilax stuffed toy and lovey, and the product line that's getting the most buzz recently, the Creatures!

Speaking of which… Pack 5 from the Creatures line will be making its grand debut at Japan Expo!

The featured classes this time? Rogue, Osamodas, and Eniripsa!

The team has also set aside a few remaining resin figurines of Evangelyne, Percedal and Nox, especially for this convention.


…and great new stuff too!

The Art of WAVEN: emotes, characters & box set!

Wondering what Ankama Shop exclusive might be making its first appearance at Japan Expo?

Allow us to present… The Art of WAVEN artbooks!

From epic characters to funny emotes, the full range of WAVEN's unique visual style is on display in this artbook box set available only from the Ankama Shop.

2 artbooks, 1 protective sleeve, 13 stickers.

Catch the wave while you can!

You won't find these artbooks in stores!

WAVEN Goodies

Treasures and goodies have washed up with the high tide!

Some will look especially sharp on your jacket or backpack, while others will stick to livening up your laptop or dashboard… But one's thing's for certain: you're going to love them all!

8 characters to collect
A phone holder
The WAVEN Shushuphone!
In standard, epic and neon versions

For now, that's our overview of what you'll find at the convention, but keep an eye out for more surprises on site… Have a great Japan Expo!

At the Ankama Éditions stand: F221

All hands on deck at Ankama Éditions!

Here you'll find book signings, talks and an all-around great vibe. Find our flagship titles, along with this year's new releases, at the Ankama Éditions stand!

10 years of Radiant

A decade of adventures calls for a celebration, wouldn't you agree? At Japan Expo, prepare to get your fill of Fantasia!

Not many French shonen series can boast of being published in the original land of manga, Japan. But Radiant can – and after just a few pages, you'll understand why it's the exception! All the qualities of a great shonen series are here: the art, the characters, the action, the settings, the magic… Radiant has got it all!

To celebrate ten years of Ankama Éditions' flagship title, we're offering this exceptional box set that brings together not only the first 10 volumes, but also a few exclusive extras!

This box set contains:

  • Volumes 1 to 10 of the Radiant manga
  • Ten 8.7" x 13" (22 x 33 cm) bookplates
  • A diorama with 4 acrylic standee figurines (Doc, Mélie, Seth and Ocoho)

Author Tony Valente will be on hand to sign books, but also for an exclusive talk, "Radiant: A Decade of Adventures", at 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, July 13, in the Kuri room. We're super excited to see you there!

Book signings

A Japan Expo without Ankama Éditions book signings is like… uh… the ocean without waves? Waves without whitecaps? (We'll let you come up with a better metaphor in the comments, if you like…) Anyway, there will be lots of great guests this year. They include:

  • Tony Valente for Radiant
  • Marika Herzog for Sleepy Boy
  • Keto Valero for Darwin
  • Jeronimo Cejudo for Ripper
  • ZD. for Space Punch
  • Ancestral Z for DOFUS Manga
  • Cynthia Leman for WAKFU Manga
  • Mig for Ogrest

Webtoons with Allskreen

After adapting a plethora of Ankama comics and manga to the webtoon format, Allskreen continues its breakthrough in the world of digital comics with new original webtoon series. A first wave of three titles, plus Cire Momore, was released this past May and June: Je suis M.E.M.O., Wine Not and Olympe.

The Allskreen team will look back on its early days and talk about its projects at a unique talk of its own, "Allskreen: Webtoons at Ankama", at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, July 13 in the Kuri room. Don't forget to grab lunch between the Radiant talk and this one!

What if I can't be there in person?

Live broadcasts from Japan Expo will be popping up on Ankama Live to give you a taste of the vibe on the convention floor! We'll share a schedule of these livestreams with you soon.

You can also take part in our big cosplay competition, ANK'osplay, open this year to everyone who wants to join in the fun – even remotely!

Stay tuned for more info…

See you soon at Japan Expo from July 13 to 16, and on Ankama Live!