What you love about Ankama is its colorful universe, its flamboyant characters, its strategic combat games… and, of course, its goodies! It's just another part of the transmedia experience: great merchandise that pays homage to the original creation. And today, it's WAVEN's turn!

For Ankama, it's the event of the year: the arrival of the third game in its grand saga! A new playground to write new stories and… create awesome new items!

We sincerely hope that the ones we're presenting here today will warm your pirate's heart as much as any treasure chest…

The Art of WAVEN

We begin with one of the cornerstones of any Ankama creation: the art direction.

Like its predecessors, WAVEN needed a whole lot of illustrations on the way to identifying, then defining its unique visual identity.

The Art of WAVEN – Emotes

How many cheerful and colorful post-apocalyptic games have you heard of?

This Ankama Shop exclusive is the proof that, in addition to its many assets in terms of gameplay, WAVEN also has a unique atmosphere and devastating design. We dare you to resist its charms!

In WAVEN, players can use emotes to communicate directly with one another. These stylized visual representations express various emotions and are exchanged between players much like instant messages.

These emotional caricatures were created by illustrator Ayumi Kakei, a.k.a. Nelnal, whose unique anime-infused style has earned her lots of fans on social media.

This artbook, dedicated entirely to emotes from our new game WAVEN, isn't content to merely impress you with its art – it also spoils you with a double-page insert containing 13 stickers. Yes, this Ankama Shop exclusive will have you feeling all the emotions!

The Art of WAVEN – Characters

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the era of your favorite MMO… and over the whole world, in fact! If you were expecting to play as a Iop, Cra or Sadida like back in the day, you're in for a few surprises!

Having survived the Great Wave, all the characters you once knew have had to adapt to a planet whose face has changed completely overnight.

The character design of these WAVEN heroes reflects the choices they've made, the paths they've taken, and the weapons they've mastered to get back on their feet and start adventuring again!

Discover all the visual delights of WAVEN and its character illustrations in this exclusive artbook, available only in the Ankama shop!

The Art of Waven Box Set

From epic characters to funny emotes, the full range of WAVEN's unique visual style is on display in this artbook box set available only from the Ankama Shop.

2 artbooks, 1 protective sleeve, 20 stickers.*

Catch the wave while you can… You won't find this box set in bookstores!

*13 vinyl, 7 holographic.

Treasures and goodies have washed up with the high tide…

Some will look especially sharp on your jacket or backpack, while others will stick to livening up your laptop or dashboard… But one's thing's for certain: you're going to love them all!


8 characters to collect

A phone holder

The WAVEN Shushuphone!


In standard, epic and neon versions

We dare you to resist the charms of these WAVEN goodies!