A bittersweet feeling comes over you on seeing this set… It reminds you of a certain time in your life: the early Krosmoz!

Whether you couldn't care less about what's trendy or you never miss Bonta Fashunwiek, one thing's for sure: it goes in cycles!

Something considered cool will become tacky one day, and then fashionable again the next.
Then again, some outfits can be timeless…

We have an opinion about the one we're offering today, but you're free to form your own…

Before Thursday, June 22, at 4 PM (Paris time), treat yourself to a throwback with Nostalgic Pack #2!

This pack contains:

  • The Inanimate Polymorphic Costume
  • The Inanimate Polymorphic Mount Skin (linked to account)

Relive the good ol' days!

The pack and items will be available at a special price until Thursday, June 22, at 4 PM (Paris time). After that, the items will only be sold individually at their standard price in Ogrines.