Once again this year, Ankama will be proudly representing its video game productions (and more!) – and inviting you to maximize your fun by tearing down the barriers between your favorite games. How? That's what we'll be explaining in this first article!

First things first: Be sure to come to Japan Expo if you can!

We hope lots of you will join us at Paris Nord Villepinte from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16 to reconnect with all your favorite worlds – and best of all, to check out our brand-new game, our pride and joy, which will be released worldwide in late 2023 after years of development: WAVEN.

For us, WAVEN is a new creation and a big challenge.

For you, it's the next game in the series after DOFUS and WAKFU, which also follows season 4 of the animated series. It offers a new world to conquer and original gameplay to enjoy, and we hope it'll be your new favorite game, alongside the ones you already love. Come give it a try at Japan Expo!

Gotta play 'em all!

The biggest new feature of the 2023 edition? Forget your favorite MMO! Sure, you've got excellent odds of finding it at the expo, but this year's concept is to switch from one game to another with no fuss and no bother, all with one fundamental goal: to have as much fun as krosmically possible!

"But… how?!" we hear you whisper in astonishment…

With the help of an iconic character who transcends the ages without ever showing his age, a legendary and heroic figure that even a universe as rich as the Krosmoz sees just once in a thousand years. Yes, you guessed it – we're talking about the beautiful and talented GOULTARD!

He'll be your main guide for this wild weekend, hurtling from one game to the next as the spirit moves him – Iop style!

Okay, but who's going to be there?

DOFUS, WAKFU, WAVEN, Ankama Shop, Ankama Éditions – and, for the first time, DOFUS Retro and Allskreen – will all be a part of this unforgettable four-day experience! Even Ankama Live will be on hand to share a little bit of Japan Expo with everyone who can't make it to the event.

Goultard: The Furious Quest

Forget your faves, just smash some Shushus!

The Ankama Games stands are where the fun will be at its peak, with a route that's as long as it is furious… and funny… and furious again for good measure!

Come experience Goultard's incredible power, all through the ages!

DOFUS, WAKFU, Retro, WAVEN… Goultard will be everywhere, and you… You'll be Goultard! And from one game to the next, you'll have to annihilate waves of Shushus pouring in faster and faster from the Shustuft Crust.

Fill up your GOUL'PASS, a scorecard that records your epic accomplishments in each game – so you can unlock all kinds of great stuff, of course.

You'll also find ANK'osplay, our big cosplay contest, which has a few extra surprises in store this year. Like the fact that participation won't limited to Japan Expo visitors alone, but will be open to everyone who wants to join in – even those taking part from afar!

And what about the other stands?

Like very year, Ankama Éditions has invited talented authors and artists to sign your books. What's special this time is that one of the big names from our publishing house will be joining the event to celebrate their 10th anniversary… Care to guess who? Anyone? Yes, you at the back… The Eniripsa with the little horns… Yes, that's right: Radiant!

Could there be a whole stand dedicated entirely to this wonderful license?

Who knows? Anything is possible!

Even, say, presenting some 100% manga authors

You know, as one possibility…

Just a totally random example.


Meanwhile, over at Ankama Shop, you'll find some lovely little gems as usual to brighten up your collection. Plus, a little bird tells us that with WAVEN in the spotlight this year, it might be presenting a first look at some all-new products at the stand… but hey, maybe that's just a rumor.

Finally, the Allskreen and Krosmoz team, the folks behind our 100% webtoon apps, are trying to figure out how best to hook you up with exclusive new content to read on-site or to go… Don't worry, we're sure they'll come up with something!

And that concludes our sneak peek at the 2023 edition of Japan Expo!

If you're able to make it, don't overthink things – just come and join us!

And if you're too far away, think of all the different ways you can still participate and share in the fun with us (like ANK'osplay, which will be open to everyone this year without exception, or Ankama Live, which will be sharing its streaming schedule with you soon)!

Stay online and stay tuned: each of the game teams will be in touch again very soon to let you know the details of what's in store at each of our stands for these four days of fun.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be keeping you updated with tons of fresh news and info right up until the big day. Don't miss out!

See you soon at Japan Expo…