It started as a tasty and well-appreciated Aperirel Snapper's Day joke. Today, the legendary BLT (Burger, Lettuce and Tomato Costume) becomes reality: the Feast and Foodius Costume is now available in-game! And it hasn't come alone…

It seems our community really loves fast food – the kind you can order fast, eat fast, and… well, maybe not digest fast, but you get the point. That's why we've decided to keep the joke going to the last delicious bite!

Yes, this time we've actually gone ahead and created this crunchy costume with a smoky, savory aroma that'll be the envy of any Lousy Pig. We even added fries and a drink!

The Feast and Foodius Pack contains:

  • The Feast and Foodius Costume
  • The The Basket of Fries skin (mount skin, linked to account)
  • The Drink with a Straw emote (linked to account)

With this pack, you may not be King of the Hill, but you'll definitely be King of the Grill!

The Feast and Foodius Pack will be permanently available in the shop. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!


Your health is important to us! Please don't eat your costume.