For Fleaster, the season that's all about chocolate eggs and wodents, the Chocopack is returning to the shop, along with an all-new seasonal costume!

Fleaster is much more than an excuse to stuff your face with chocolate - free of guilt because "it's tradition" - it's also a chance for you budding treasure hunters to go hunting for eggs. And maybe you'll even find a treasure in the process? Hopefully not wodent dung, as that can happen…

From 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 6 to 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 20 (Paris time), the Chocopack will be back in the shop. And this year it comes with a sweet and hoppy new costume to complete your egg-hunting experience!

The updated Chocopack contains:

  • A Chocolate Wodent* mount skin
  • A Chocolate Quaquack* pet skin
  • The Search* emote
  • A Chocolate Wodent costume **

* Item linked to account.
** Item linked to account. In Update 1.79.1, you will have the opportunity to exchange your linked costume for an unlinked costume. This will be done through the Dangerous Delinking Machine NPC located in the basement of Astrub Tavern. It is necessary to unequip the costume to unlink it. We will keep you informed of the date of this Hotfix soon.

For those egg-hunters who already got their Chocopack, the Chocolate Wodent Costume will also be available individually during this period.