Starting with Update 1.79, it will no longer be possible to launch the 32-bit client on machines that currently use it.

Running the game on a 32-bit operating system involves various technical constraints that have required us to make lots of adjustments and compromises that are felt throughout the game and have a direct impact on players.

This problem has only gotten worse in recent updates, and we eventually had to decide between developing two separate clients or discontinuing support for this OS architecture. In the end, we chose the second option because we prefer to focus on the future of the game, and maintaining two clients in parallel would have been too time-consuming.

Does this affect me?

This change affects you if you use a 32-bit Windows operating system (a 32-bit version of Windows 7/8/10). According to our data, the end of support for 32-bit operating systems affects less than 1% of our active players.

What can I do if I'm affected?

If you are one of our affected players, you will need to install a 64-bit version of Windows. This should be possible if your processor is recent enough; most processors manufactured since 2007 are compatible with 64-bit instructions.

If you can't do this because you have a 32-bit processor, then unfortunately you will have to use another processor or another machine.