As prices on runs and finishers are permanently reduced, the Wings of Light Run seems to have fluttered straight down from heaven. A bird of good omen, perhaps?

What's bright and shiny and goes up and down?
No, it's not ten thousand lightning bugs, dancing and giving hugs…
And it's not our prices on runs and finishers, which only go down…
Now you've got it! It's you, proudly sporting the Wings of Light Run in-game!

We've never known quite how to tell you this, but… your way of walking isn't really the best. Instead of just putting one foot in front of the other (then the other… then the other…), why not sprout wings and fly?

And you've got every reason to swoop in and grab this amazing run right now, because its arrival in the shop also comes with a bit of very good news. The kind of news that really makes your heart soar!

Starting today, the price of runs and finishers will be permanently reduced from 3,000 to 2,000 ogrines! Isn't that lovely? Almost as lovely as the gracious flight of the Wings of Light Run!

Let your dreams run wild: head to the shop now!