The first batch was the target of much excitement in the Ankama Shop and the in-game shop. Since then, things have been on paws… Fortunately, three new stuffed toys, three new pins and three new pet skins, this time inspired by the Ouginak, Cra and Sram classes, are now here to steal the spotlight in both shops!

The latest additions to our new line of stuffed toys and pins inspired by your favorite characters have just arrived… Plus some new pet skins to go with them!

Ouginak, Cra, and Sram: this combination has got that elusive (bow) wow factor! They could steal the show from their competitors in the tight-knit world of cuddly 8 cm (3.2 inch) stuffed toys and the sharpest-looking pins of 2023! Not to mention these charming and colorful pet skins!

Draw your bow… aim… ADD TO CART!

Pack 2 – Creatures stuffed toys – Ouginak, Cra, Sram

They're here! Three soft and cuddly stuffed toys, ready to steal your heart!

Pack 2 – Creatures pins – Ouginak, Cra, Sram

Your friends will be feeling Ouginak's Fury (and envy!) when you roll up with these pins on your chest…


Skins: Creatures Pack 2 – Ouginak, Cra, Sram

The Creatures are showing up in-game too! After Iop, Feca and Masqueraider, check out our new pet skins, together in a three-pack:

  • Ouginak Creature Skin*
  • Cra Creature Skin*
  • Sram Creature Skin*


For two weeks, take advantage of our launch offer on Creature Pack 2 (available in-game)! After this period, the skins will only be for sale individually.


* Linked to account