The Ankama Shop online store is starting 2023 off with cuddles. Snuggle up to these round little Creatures that look just like tough heroes! Check out the new line of stuffed toys, pins and pet skins inspired by the in-game character classes and more irresistible than ever!

The new line of stuffed toys and pins inspired by your favorite characters is called "Creatures"! Iop, Feca, and Masqueraider – many have fallen for these hardcore in-game warriors without realizing that they hide an unsuspected soft side under their armor…

Monstrously comforting as stuffed toys, incredibly endearing as pins, the Creatures are making their debut in three packs. With more on their way!

Pack No. 1: Creatures Stuffed Toys – Iop, Feca, Masqueraider

Blazing a trail in miniaturized cuteness, you'll want to take these three critters with you everywhere you go!

Pack No. 1: Creatures Pins – Iop, Feca, Masqueraider

They piqued your curiosity the first time you saw them in the game. Now, you can pin them to your clothes and accessories!

Forgelance Creatures Pack – Stuffed Toy + Pin

Even the proudest heroes have a soft side…

Find Them in the Game Too!

The Creatures are coming to the game in another form. Check out our new pet skins directly inspired by them, bundled together in a pack of three:

  • Feca Creature Skin*
  • Masqueraider Creature Skin*
  • Iop Creature Skin*

For two weeks, take advantage of our launch offer on Creature Pack 1 (available in-game)! After this period, the skins will only be for sale individually.


* Linked to account