The great Wall-Eye Llama, undisputed Pandawa zen master of the World of Twelve, has always promoted the philosophy taught by his peers. It advocates living in the moment and accepting all emotions without ever trying to resist them. So… Well? Are you open to being enticed by the Meditation Pack, yes or no?!

There is much to be gained by following the teachings of Pandawa zen!

Draw your strength from sadness, your courage from anger and your determination from humiliation. Be appreciative of everything around you. When you bite into an api, remember that it is offering its life to nourish you and giving you the energy to… er, well… to cut down small defenseless creatures (and warriors who were asking for it, right?!).

The Meditation Pack contains:

  • A Meditation Costume
  • A Meditation Dragon Skin (linked to account)

It will be available in the shop permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out! The items in this pack can also be purchased individually.


It's freezing at the Ankama Shop!


The shelves of the Ankama Store have been very cold. Your favorite items may have curled up on their own, but they can't escape it! Prices will be frozen in ice until Tuesday, February 7.