It's time to share this year's Boss Smasher calendar! What exclusive titles will you win? What bosses will make you a legend? (But whether you're a living or dead one is up to you.) Let's find out together! 

Boss Smasher: What Is It Exactly?

There is no shortage of challenges in WAKFU. To satisfy the most demanding and audacious among you, we've given you the chance to cross swords (or bows, or axes) with the game's most extraordinary creatures for several years now.

Every month, a Boss Smasher event gives you the chance to take on a unique and formidable dungeon boss. To successfully complete this feat, you must fight in competitive mode at Stasis level 3 (minimum).

At the end of the challenge, an exclusive title linked to the defeated boss and a Boss Smasher token are awarded to the victors. The tokens can be exchanged for various cosmetic items by going to the Boss Smasher Machine in the basement of the Astrub Inn.

To ensure you don't miss any of these events, you will be notified directly in the game and in the Achievements interface!


He thinks a favorable outcome to this duel is easily within his grasp. Head to the Octopus Crew dungeon on Pirate Beach to tentackle him and show him that he really should think harder with his nine brains!

Reward: the exclusive "Weak in the Tentacles" title.


Any miner will tell you that when you spend your time digging, you always hit a snag at some point. A stone monster who's several kameters tall must surely count. Head to the Bitter-Hammer dungeon in the Bitter-Hammer Cavern.

Reward: the exclusive "Philosopher-Storyteller" title.


Is it a crobak? A chafer? The reaper himself? The best way to learn more about this weird bird is to tear it to pieces. This spirit worshiped by the Raskaws of Kelba awaits you in his temple in the Kelba Peaks area.

Reward: the exclusive "Toaxin Resistant" title.


He's the king of the ring. When the bell goes "ding ding", with canines smiling, he takes a swing, and everyone gets running! Not you? Alright then. In that case, head to the Trool Academy dungeon at the Trool Fair.

Reward: the exclusive "Master of the Octagon" title.


With a personality that is hard to grasp, a temperament made of armored steel, and a stature forged from metal, it takes a lots of guts to stand up to this giant. And yet, you will. A Foggernaut who can wield Wakfu and Stasis like no other doesn't scare you, does he? Head to the Supervillains' Lair dungeon in Forfut to face this weapon of mass destruction.

Reward: the exclusive "Captain of the Nautilus" title.


Despite his spine-chilling looks, there's something terribly addictive about this boss – enough to make you scream "get back here", as those who already faced him have often called out. So get to it! Put on your fleece, a good pair of gloves, and the scarf your granny knitted you, then head to the Hagen Daz's Pot dungeon on Chillberg Ice Floe.

Reward: the exclusive "Comforting Ice Cream" title.


People say you should always keep an eye out for trouble. Well, trouble's definitely keeping one eye out for you this time, like many inhabitants of the Shustuft Crust, actually. So, instead of mulling over the theory, put it into practice by going to fight this tough guy. Now move it! Head to Flaxhid's Sanctuary in Sthulhu Territory.

Reward: the exclusive "Impaled" title.


The wesult of a mowe ow less conclusive scientific expewiment, this genetically modified wabbit looks wathew like he doesn't quite feel wight. You should be able to ovewcome him without too much of a stwuggle, weally. Unless… To find out for suwe, head to the Abandoned Cawwot Stowewoom in the Mowbid Wawwens.

Reward: the exclusive "Genetic Engineewing Expewt" title.


They might be masters in the art of hiding their faces and strength, but the hoodlums have never hidden main objective – rallying you to their cause. To achieve this, they never hesitate to open every door they can to convert as many people as possible. You think you're immune to this kind of manipulation? Then head to the Hoodlum Dungeon in the Bonta Mine to confront their leader.

Reward: the exclusive "Mysterious Hooded Figure" title.


This Kanniball is a real mystery. Some people say he's a barrel brought to life. Others say he's a Kanniball who fell victim to a curse that turned him into a barrel. Anyway, he's no barrel of laughs, and he won't hesitate to hit you with both barrels as he barrels into you. You can find him in the Kanniball Dungeon in Moon Jungle.

Reward: the exclusive "Destroyer of Totems" title.


This feline is a real pest. This is no granny's kitty cat that you'd want to curl up on your lap so you could stroke him for hours on end – definitely not! Dry lands are his favorite area. What's more, he'll take clawful delight in turning you to dust. Not scared in the slightest? In that case, head to Blightopard Canyon in the Charred Forest.

Reward: the exclusive "Charred" title.


There's a rumor going around the Shhhudoku Kingdom that you don't have a thick enough hide to take on one of its creatures covered in scales (but also spikes, claws, and… errr, what the Rushu is that thing?). Put an end to this baseless gossip by heading to the Scramshell Dungeon, Inside Grampar, where this strange creature is waiting for you.

Reward: the exclusive "Tumultuous" title.

The Boss Smasher safari has officially started!
Time for you to get your hands on each and every title you feel entitled to!