What you need is a pack to protect you from crevasses – the ones you could fall into and the ones that form on your lovely chapped hands every winter! The Mountaineer Pack ensures unencumbered ascension and, who knows? It might even take you to the heights of glory!

As you start a new year, forget about fasting or detox cures based on black cawwots or bulbiflor juice. The best way to face up to the frigid Javian weather is to put a barrier of furs and skin between you and it. In short: choose weather-appropriate clothing and equipment!

Your calves and easily chilled ears deserve the very best. The Mountaineer Pack comes at the perfect time! It contains:

  • a Hiking Costume that will withstand the cold and boowolf bites 
  • a Loyal Sidekick skin (linked to account)

Now's the time to remind the world who's on top of the food chain!


The Mountaineer Pack will be available in the shop permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!