Plenty of rumors precede it. Twelvians have been whispering about it on their front stoop or at the inn. Some even said they'd already tried it on. "It adds a certain charm to my moofly!" "Wearing it made me feel exhilarated!" See for yourself and check out the new Hero Costume!

Have you ever helped an Enutrof cross the street? Ever picked up litter tossed by an ill-mannered Rogue before placing it in the appropriate bin? Ever saved a helpless bow meow stuck in a treechnid? Ever stopped a friend from going out in socks and flip-flops? Then there's no doubt about it: you're a superhero. Yes, you! It's no use turning back now!

And you know what they say: With great responsibility comes a great costume…

Now with the Hero Costume, you can continue performing all the good deeds you want while concealing your true identity. That'll keep you shrouded in mystery, and thereby have everyone wanting to uncover your true identity. Nice way to make people interested… Well played!

The Hero Costume will be permanently available in the shop. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!