In the search for new lands, a mysterious island has been discovered on the map of the World of Twelve. Prepare to explore the next WAKFU update, called Ereboria: The Cursed Island, and take your crew ashore for a treasure-filled adventure!

What appears to be a tropical island dominated by an imposing volcano awaits. The first explorers reported that it consists of five areas. Some confirmed that pirates armed to the teeth are camped out on the western beaches. Some of the more curious ones noticed a strong burning smell on the eastern coast. Others found themselves face to face (or at least looking down at) some small beings after rushing into a cave, while others dived into an area where the sea had parted, as if by magic, allowing terrifying aquatic creatures to roam freely. One thing is certain, something is happening in the island's depths, and it's up to you to uncover its secrets.

Get your crew to batten down the hatches and climb down from their crow's nests: The beguiling lands of Ereboria are within sight!

On Tuesday, December 6, Ereboria: The Cursed Island will welcome* adventurers seeking riches and new experiences.
*You may be (un)lucky enough to be welcomed by the big bad of the area. But be warned, it won't give you a break, not even a pee break!