Are you a dreamer at heart but you stay grounded when necessary? Stop hoping it will get dark at 2 p.m.: the Midnight Pack is all you need. Oh! It seems we have your attention… You already have stars in your eyes!

You've fantasized about it so many times. You've seen it in your dreams, but it has always faded away as soon as you reach out to grab it: the lunar costume that shows off your sunny personality. Every time you close your eyes, you can see it… The dark blue sends you straight to the farthest celestial spheres. The constellations that put stars in the eyes of everyone you meet, even the ones in the darkest moods, dazzle you. But, every single time, the dream turns into a nightmare when the suit of light you've so craved vanishes the moment you wake up…

Well… guess what? The costume isn't just a pipe dream. It's true, it can be found in the all-new Midnight Pack! You should grab it, right now!

The Midnight Pack contains:

  • A Midnight Costume
  • And a Dream emote that can make all your dreams come true (as long as you don't open your eyes)
Midnight Costume
Dream emote

These items can be found in the shop, together in a pack or separately, and they will be for sale there permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!