There's no getting around it: Lance Dur news is everywhere you look! You can't turn around without bumping into a spiky-haired character with an angular frame or the drawn blade of a mute knight whose menacing air does all the talking. To celebrate this new project that reaches into all of Ankama's many universes, two Cire Momore figurines are now emerging from their cave!

Two Cire Momores?! As if being tracked by just one wasn't bad enough! But why? WHY??? All right, calm down. We can explain. Ever since we first announced our upcoming animated series The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur, our little elves in the merch department have been quivering with anticipation. Their core passion – providing you with a vast range of awesome goodies, each somehow crazier than the last – was about to be unleashed once again. Greedier and more demanding than ever, they really wanted to go all out this time. And it seems they came to the table with a little plan already in mind. Well, maybe "little" isn't the right word… Their idea is a full 14 inches tall, and for that matter, there are two of them. Why make just one figurine of one of the most striking antagonists in the Lance Dur adventure, Cire Momore – the evil knight with a mind like a steel trap and a blade to match – when we could really go to town and make two?

Available in a standard version or in a Yokai variant for purists and collectors, the Cire Momore figurine lets you appreciate all the finely crafted details of the dark knight's armor without having to put your life on the line.
Cire Momore figurine – Numbered edition limited to 200 units
Cire Momore figurine – Yokai version – Numbered edition limited to 40 units

Alas, the hardest part is yet to come: choosing which one to buy!