With Al Howin over, you have put your quirkiness back in the closet and put on a different costume: Now you are the reclusive and enigmatic guy, the mysterious and inaccessible girl. Or the other way round. You know what we mean… the irresistible type! Add a Shadow Bow Meow at your side, and you'll definitely be the prince or princess at your next party…

The intention is not so much to put on airs but to remain a little mysterious.

With the Shadow Pack, you can choose between moving in the dark of night, entering by the window without a sound and disappearing without warning before midnight… or just coming through the main entrance to attract attention but keeping your intentions a complete mystery! Either way, you win!

This pack contains:

  • Shadow Master Costume
  • Shadow Bow Meow pet skin (linked to the account)

These items are available in a pack but also individually.

Take advantage of our launch offer: It only lasts for two weeks!