Belonging to a guild is always a source of pride. You go around as a group, swaggering all the way. You come up with inventive ways of saying "hello" to one another. You even go so far as to plant your flag on the slightest piece of land. To prove to everyone that your guild is the best, once and for all, what if you simply wore its colors?

Your guild is like your family. It's where you find the support you need at difficult times. It encourages you to surpass yourself and not lose heart when you're feeling down. It helps you grow and reach your full potential as an adventurer, passing on to you the values that are dear to it, which you in turn will perpetuate. And, well, its members are always ready to go drink a tankard with you at the local Pandawa inn – there's no denying it.


You would lay down your life for it if you could! But you're not going to, because you're much too young (and precious). Besides, we've got a better way for you to honor it: the Guild Dynast Pack (you've got to admit, it's slightly more reasonable).

This pack contains:

  • the Guild Dynast Costume (which takes on your guild's colors),
  • the Guild Dynast Mount (which takes on your guild's colors),
  • and the Guild Standard Bearer Run.

These items can be found in the shop, together in a pack or separately, and they will be for sale there permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!