The recent announcement of the next KrosmoNote, our special conference, sparked a lot of joy, but a lot of questions, too. Today, we're taking the time to answer your questions and clarify some points!

To begin with, we would like to emphasize an important point, because it seems to have caused some confusion. There will be no ticketing for this KrosmoNote. The ticketing we talked about in our previous announcement is only for the DOFUS World Cup final, organized by KTA. However, just like the final, please note that the KrosmoNote will be held on Espot!

Course of the Event

This year, the program and order of speakers will be announced in advance. Another small change is that this KrosmoNote will be in a brand-new format. The event will be organized around three round tables, each of which will focus on a specific topic. Representatives from the various teams will speak about how these topics are addressed in their projects. There will be discussion phases during which we will occasionally focus on specific content. This way, each community's members will have something to look forward throughout the conference!

In-Game Rewards…

A Twitch Drop will be organized for the occasion on our Ankama Live channel! If you watch the KrosmoNote live for at least two hours, you'll earn three items to be used in the games DOFUS, WAKFU, and DOFUS Touch. They are the Cire Momore Armour shield (100%), the Cire's Waxy Croum pet skin (100%), and the Cire Momore Armour shield (100%), respectively. You will also earn a Kill Coos Shigekax for DOFUS Retro, which will give you 100 Wisdom and 100 Prospecting for 20 fights!

Caviar for Your Ears…

Recently, the greatest themes from the worlds of Ankama were refreshed by the sound team and then performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra in a sumptuous setting. A concert film will soon be available for you to truly enjoy this thrilling moment of musical (re)creation!

Join us from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Paris time) on Friday, October 28, for our KrosmoNote 2022!