The most fatal day in the Krosmic calendar has never been this elegant (or, dare we say, this sexy). The complete Julith Costume and the Fricadavera Pack must have something to do with it. Just like you. Ready to take on a wicked look?

Julith Costume

First offered as a gift in Ankama's 20th Anniversary Pack that came to the Ankama Shop in 2021, the Julith Costume is now available in its most complete form! If you decide to get this version of the costume, keep in mind it can be reverted to its partial version at any time. The only condition: the item cannot have been consumed. Simply visit the machine in the basement in Astrub to trade it in.

Use the Dangerous Delinking Machine to switch your Julith Costume to the other version.

The Julith Costume is now available in the shop, and it's not going anywhere!

The Julith Costume (complete)


Fricadavera Pack

The nice thing about blood red is that it goes with everything. Ergo, you won't look out of place when appearing (dramatically, of course) at Al Howin parties, clad in your chameleon Fricadavera costume, in the middle of blood-drenched ghouls, hemoglobin-starved vampires, various monsters with tattered flesh, as well as the most terrifying creatures in the World of Twelve: children seeking candy.

Boasting a flowery costume with the chameleon trait (eyes and hair adapt to the character's colors) – stunningly wicked – the Fricadavera Pack manages a real feat: making Al Howin a colorful, joyful celebration. Everything's all backwards!

This pack contains:

  • A chameleon Fricadavera Costume
  • A Fen Ecalavera Skin (linked to the account)
  • A 30-day booster
  • 3 experience potions
  • 3 loot potions

For every purchase of this pack, get 6 Thrill Mystery Boxes for free! They'll each give you one of the following items:

Common Items

  • Jacko Costume
  • Mummification Emote
  • Shushued Dragoturkey Mount Skin
  • Shushued Dragosteed Mount Skin
  • Anoobis Mount Skin
  • Dia de los Muertos Costume

Uncommon Items

  • Kitsune Costume
  • Ravishing Costume
  • Al Howin Dragosteed Skin
  • Los Muertos Dragosteed Skin

Rare Items

  • Zombie Run
  • Al Howin Costume
  • Scary Gift Emote

Epic Items

  • Daw Costume
  • Ratabble Pet


All the epic items

Find the Fricadavera pack in the shop until Friday, November 10, 4 p.m. (Paris time)!