In 2011, when it was announced that WAKFU: Les Gardiens would be discontinued, players were quite upset. Despite the disappointment you felt, the encouragement you gave us, and the motivation we had, we were unable to keep the game up and running. But that was without counting on the determination of three fans who managed to keep the game alive! Check out Ashes, the worthy successor of WAKFU: Les Gardiens!

After it was launched by Ankama in 2009, WAKFU: Les Gardiens quickly established itself as the game of the animated series WAKFU. Mainly aimed at young players, the game lets you play as an Eliatrope who explores the dungeons found in each episode of WAKFU Season 1, as well as other all-new ones. The story takes place on Emrub, a timeless island where the Eliatrope children live a cloistered life. This is where you discover the dragon Baltazar, who is clashing with N, a rebellious teenager who wants to free his people so they can see the world for themselves.

Very soon, the game became as popular as expected, and Ankama was thrilled! But time passed, and the team working on the project was split up to work on other, larger projects, while WAKFU: Les Gardiens, which was left to fend for itself, was unable to offer its fans the same wonderful adventure as before.

It's such a sad story… but still one with a happy ending!

Three fans found it unthinkable to let the game fall by the wayside, so they decided to take the bull by the horns and breathe new life into it. WAKFU: Les Gardiens would live on, no matter what! But first, to start out on the right foot, it needed a new name.

Ashes is what Krayth, Kyosset, and Starlight renamed it. In 2021, this three-player group recreated the game identically and made it available for free from a fanmade server!

The three players behind this project didn't just keep the game alive: They took the trouble to develop its content based on a well-defined dungeon release schedule. And by the time you read this, the last missing dungeon for you to enjoy the game's full experience will have just been released! It lets you choose which team you want to fight alongside: Baltazar's or N's.

WAKFU: Les Gardiens is Ankama's first game to have developed the modular dungeon concept for almost all the content it offers! This means you can complete dungeons on your own, but also with up to three of your Eliatrope friends (or friends-to-be) from the island of Emrub! Playing as a team gives you better drops in reward for completing dungeons, but be careful, because dungeons will be harder since they adapt to the number of fighters…

Another of the game's features is its "collection" aspect. In WAKFU: Les Gardiens, you can drop, craft, and trade no fewer than 150 hats to customize your guardian. It's a great way to create a unique look!


Keep in mind that this project aims to offer a playable version of the former WAKFU: Les Gardiens as it was when it was discontinued. It doesn't aim to offer a new version of the game, even though Ashes will feature bug fixes, usability improvements, and some events. Apart from that, you'll find the game exactly as you left it in 2011. Also, please note that just like back then, the game has only been translated into French, Spanish, and German.

We're delighted with this community initiative, and we hope to see it continue for many years to come!

Do you want to learn more? Then feel free to take a look at the French FAQ explaining the Ashes project in every detail!