Plenty of ink has flowed under the bridge since you ventured into the lands of Wukin and Wukang. Still, the adventure left an indelible mark on your memory… So how about reliving that chapter of your career as an adventurer by getting the Imagirorukam Pack that is inspired by it?

You may have been witnessing strange scenes lately in the World of Twelve. A Iop holding a pencil in his hand (wait, really?) and biting his tongue with a concentrated look. A sudden surge in the price of Kralove ink. Scrunched-up paper thrown out of windows, often coupled with the sound of "Arrrrgh, no! That's no good!"

Look no further: Twelvians have simply chosen to take up the Imagirorukam challenge. It tests each person's talents as an artist by asking them to draw a picture a day, each limited to a specific theme. Rumor has it that whoever is behind this event was careful not to tell them there wouldn't be any rewards other than the satisfaction of meeting the challenge! 

This sudden infatuation with ink and paper – and bringing them both together – is somewhat reminiscent of the celestial kingdoms of Wukin and Wukang. So it's the perfect opportunity for you to pick up the Imagirorukam Pack containing:

  • the Imagirorukam Costume
  • and the Imagirorukam mount skin (linked to the account).

Both these cosmetic items can be bought separately or in a pack, and they will be in the shop permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!