All the great explorers know that even to this day, there are still any number of uncharted islands in the World of Twelve. Some of these lands are home to ancient peoples who have intentionally chosen to isolate themselves from the world. The Forgotten Island pack honors one of these mysterious civilizations.

Kortess, a passionate Twelvian explorer, claims to have discovered this lonely bit of land in the middle of the ocean after braving the wild winds and waves of the high sea for days (though he's never specified which sea). Moved by the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the natives who welcomed him, he decided to leave them to live their lives in peace. To this day, whenever anyone asks him where this mysterious island is located, he simply says that he forgot.

Be that as it may, Kortess did take the trouble to describe their unique clothing and the appearance of the majestic animal that valiantly guarded the entrance to the island. Artists from around the World of Twelve immediately seized on his account to design the elements of the Forgotten Island Pack:

  • A Forgotten Island Costume
  • A Forgotten Island Mount Skin*

This pack will be in the shop permanently from now on, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. Don't miss out!

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