An all-new beta version of WAKFU is ready for you to test from top to bottom, inside and out. Adventurers of the World of Twelve, version 1.77 is available for download from Ankama Launcher, and we're here to tell you all about its content…


Here's what the WAKFU team's got in store for you:
  • the revamped Ouginak class and Eniripsa animations in combat;
  • quick exchanges, which were already testable in Beta 1.76, are back again;
  • and more surprises, because the WAKFU team always has surprises up its sleeve…
To check all this out, head to the game's beta server now!


To access the beta from Ankama Launcher: Once the WAKFU page is open, you need to open the dropdown menu above the PLAY button to show both versions of the game including the beta.

Please note: The beta server is not always available. It is only available when the WAKFU team needs to perform tests. When a beta version becomes available, a message is published on the official website. It is generally accompanied by update notes (also known as a changelog) published here.

As always, we're eager to get your feedback here:

For more information, feel free to check the beta server guide, located here


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