A new run just washed up on your vacation beach. It offers new sensations and will make you feel like a snapper riding a mega wave. It's pure adrenaline!

A close-fitting seashell necklace, blond hair styled in a "beach effect", and a tan that just won't fade from Frauguctor to Jullier… There's no doubt about it: You've found a surfer. In other words, the ultimate god or goddess of the coast, the beach sex symbol who breaks hearts every year.

If you wanted to use the sunny weather to find your soul mate or simply experience a fleeting summer romance, you gotta be honest: The competition will be tough. Because nobody can resist the powerful charm of wave riders… (And if they can also play the guitar, you're clearly doomed.)

All is not lost, though. You've still got one last chance to not end up being alone on the beach with watery eyes… Ride the surf by getting the Surf run*! Glide on a breaking wave like a graceful mermaid!

This run will be in the shop permanently, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. Don't let it float away!

* Linked to the account.