It's another day of grueling adventure – hunger is gnawing at you, and tiredness is overwhelming you. Why don't you just sit there, surrounded by nature, and enjoy a nice snack amid the birdsong? The Have a Picnic emote lets you do just that! (We've even put some cawwot sticks in there for you. Isn't that thoughtful?)

If you don't mind bugs getting into your snapper-and-moronzola sandwich or biting you at any moment; if you don't mind the smell of moogrr dung; if you don't mind sitting uncomfortably on a clod of earth and grass that's sure to stain your clothes… then you're one of those people who think having a picnic is a great idea. After all, why not…?

In that case, look no further and get the Have a Picnic emote now!

This emote will be in the shop permanently, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. Don't miss out!