Are bravery, justice, courtesy, and a hatred of moskitos some of the values you hold most dear? If so, you certainly have the soul of a "Moskiteer". Which is reason enough to acquire the Musketeer Pack! Need another reason? The costume oozes class and the mount skin does not ooze anything, thankfully.

Do you know the story of the Three Moskiteers (there were actually four, but don't ask why)? These adventurers from a bygone era were true gentlemen with noble values and fought fierce battles against loathsome blood-thirsty creatures: moskitos.

We have all had our nights cut short, deprived of several hours of precious sleep because of a tiny bug with a persistent, annoying, high-pitched whine. We have all thrown back the covers and stood on the bed, purple with rage and slipper in hand, waiting to swipe at the air or slam the wall and take justice into our own hands.

So, you can imagine how it was for thousands of Twelvians who would develop large bags under their eyes and be consumed with fatigue because of troubled nights trying to stop moskitos from consuming their blood. Enough was enough! So, a group of three (sorry, four) friends got together to defeat this nocturnal evil once and for all.

Their technique was as difficult to master as it was surprising, but proved to be incredibly successful. They would skewer the moskitos on the point of a fencing foil! This unique yet efficient approach earned the Thre… Four! Moskiteers much credibility and attention from grateful ladies at the time.

Although the Four (finally!) Moskiteers are no longer with us, their legendary class and chivalrous values live on. They can be found in a costume inspired by their outfit and a mount skin similar to those that the Moskiteers rode on as they galloped to the rescue of the bitten. Bravery, justice, and courtesy: do you recognize these same noble virtues within yourself? If so, hurry and grab the Musketeer Pack, which includes:

  • An Improved Musketeer Costume (chameleon)
  • A Musketeer Mount Skin (chameleon) linked to the account

You can treat yourself to these items individually or as a pack.

They'll be in the shop permanently, but the launch offer will only last for two weeks. Consider yourself warned!