Inspired by an ancestral creature that once lived in the Shustuft Crust, this costume is sure to rock your enemies. And that is a good thing, of course!

Gorgroan was a demoness who was forever in a foul mood (like most demons, of course, but she was particularly cranky). Even other demons and gods kept their distance from her because she was such bad company. To make matters worse, the creature looked particularly unattractive. She had blibli tusks and her hair, which had never known the joys of hair conditioner or detangler, squirmed with a tangle of snakes like a bag of knots. But wait, there's more! Gorgroan had rather a unique ability: Anyone who looked her in the eye was instantly turned to stone. And you know how it is with Twelvians… As soon as something is forbidden, it becomes all the more tempting to do!

Directly inspired by the demoness, the Petrifying Costume also has the power to stop your enemies in their tracks. Kill two birds with one stone: Get your hands on a solid costume and rock a stunning look!

Available in the shop for 2,300 ogrines and for real money for two weeks, this costume will then become permanently available in the shop for 2,500 ogrines.