The weekend of July 14-17 will be marked by our reunion with Japan… and you! Head to hall 5A, stand F229…

In our first announcement, we told you that Ankama – after two years of waiting – will be waiting to see you at the Japan Expo during its big come back.

In seven days, some of you will take part in the event via Ankama Live ( while others will be live on site at Paris Nord Villepinte. Either way, one thing is sure – we're going to have a memorable time together!

Facing off against a new boss (along with an emblematic character from the Krosmoz, but shhhh…), discovering a new game, meeting staff members and authors, and browsing the wares in the shop will be high on your list of things to do. Judge for yourselves:


Fight Cire Momore (DOFUS & WAKFU)

Your visit to hall 5A, stand F229 will be an opportunity to challenge an extraordinary antihero in our universe and the DOFUS and WAKFU games: Cire Momore!

From the metro to Japan Expo (and indeed everywhere – yes, everywhere – you go), you'll feel like this colossus is following you… and you'll be right! There's a reason everyone is humming that Twelvian childhood favorite in Amakna, Brakmar and Bonta:

"Run, run, whatever you do… Cire Momore is after you!"

But if you manage to defeat Cire Momore at our stand, you'll head out with an early access version of the Cire Momore Armour shield for DOFUS and the Cire Croum Skin for WAKFU. There will also be a daily leaderboard rewarding the best teams (more info).

Play in a WAVEN Tournament

WAVEN will also be getting in on the fun with a tournament every day of the event! And for the very first time… you'll be able to try it out on a tablet! The tournaments will be in BO3 and sign-ups will be held every morning for the afternoon's battles.

More info (in french).


Try One More Gate

Last time, we told you about a fourth musketeer alongside DOFUS, WAKFU and WAVEN: the recently revealed One More Gate. Come give it a try on site and meet the team behind the game!

Come in Your Best Ank'osplay

As you know, for the great event that is the Japan Expo, we're holding a cosplay contest for all our IPs… and you can still sign up for it! The form will let you register the name of your character, a date and time to visit the stand to have your portrait taken, and the legend that will accompany your photo.

Of course, there will be gifts for the participants and voters, as well as prizes for the big winners! More info. If you haven't done so already:


Get Your Graphic Novels Signed

Ankama Éditions is inviting you to get your graphic novels signed by their authors: Tony Valente, ZD., Jeronimo Cejudo, Cynthia Leman, Mig, Ancestral Z and Sourya!

Treat Yourself

The Ankama Shop will be there too with a mountain of stuffed toys, mangas and other goodies from your favorite universes waiting for you in our shop!

If you're itching to get your hands on Osatopia packs, early releases or rare items that are only available in small quantities (like Ankama's 20th anniversary pack, which is almost out of stock), you'll need to swing by the Ankama Shop (hall 5A, stand F229)!

Come Along for the Ride from Anywhere

Are you far away but don't want to miss all the fun? Head to the Ankama Live Twitch channel! Stream schedule:

ANKAMA is back at the JAPAN EXPO!

Hall 5A, stand F229

Don't miss this great opportunity to share your passion.



See you there or on Ankama Live ;)