Make your mark and drive away evil spirits – that's what the Kitsoune Pack promises to help you do with its costume and pet. Get ready to send the Yokai and other ghast threats back to their graves!

By crikey! You just can't get a moment's peace! Wherever you go, there's always a Yokai looking for a fight! Or just giving off eerie ooo-ooooo's while tossing tokens at you – which is more than enough to make you want to fight! 

Do you know what you need? An outfit that'll keep the spirits away. The good news is that we've got just the thing! Even better… It doesn't just keep spirits away. It also brings prosperity in business and luck in games. With it, you can bring back your beloved with a snap of your fingers or unbewitch bewitched… err… things (you must have a few laying around, right?). And the cherry on the cake: it can even tame the most rebellious Shushued items (it's no help with children, sadly). 

This outfit can be found in the Kitsoune Pack along with a pet skin* of the same name.


This pack will be available in the shop for 3,500 OG or real currency for two weeks. During that time, the costume and the pet skin* will also be sold separately for 2,300 OG and 1,800 OG respectively before taking up permanent residence in the shop.

*linked to the account